- Fri 04/08/2016 11:31

A Full-Service Email Marketing Firm is a Must in 2016

Customer acquisition can be a struggle for companies of all sizes. One reason so many companies struggle with customer acquisition is it can get very expensive. Finding a cost-effective way to acquire new customers is why more and more companies are turning to email. Although email marketing isn’t a new concepts, many companies are starting to see just how powerful this channel can be when it’s used correctly.

Email Marketing Provides a Way to Build Relationships

The companies that find the most success with email marketing are those that understand how to use this channel to build relationships. Instead of simply bombarding potential customers with offers, savvy companies use email sequences to inform prospects. By providing this type of value, companies are able to build a relationship that’s based on trust. Once a trusting relationship has been established, prospects are much more likely to actually make a purchase.

In addition to building new relationships, email marketing is also the perfect way to nurture relations with existing customers. Given the often high costs associated with customer acquisition, companies should use every tool at their disposal to maximize repeat purchases and a customer’s lifetime value.

Full-Service Email Marketing Provides Everything Needed for Success

While email marketing is a proven way to convert prospects into customers and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers, there is one big catch. In order for a company to drive meaningful results via email marketing, they need to have the right platform in place. Without access to a full set of email marketing features, any company will struggle to drive the results they truly want.

What type of features are available from a full-service email marketing provider? The list starts with free dedicated servers. Instead of being bundled onto the same server as a random selection of other businesses, your business will have its own dedicated server and IP address. The next features are 24/7 whitelist management, delivery monitoring and a confirmed opt-in system. These features ensure that your emails actually reach recipients.

Next up is dynamic content, targeted mailings and password protection. These features give you full control over the emails you send so that you can build the type of direct relationship you want with potential and current customers. We also offer configurable campaign reports, click-thru tracking and HTML open tracking so you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s working best. Learn about all the other great features we offer by visiting our full-service email marketing page.

If you’re ready to make your email marketing efforts a success in 2016, give Global IntelliSystems a call today at 970-315-3637. You can also open an account with us directly online.