We are very careful about the company we keep. At a minimum we conduct address verification, business name verification, and State/Federal tax ID lookup. If your company can not be found online and/or through Federal/State agency databases we will delete your application. Sorry, we do this because of the absolutely amazing amount of fraudulent account applications that cross our desk every single day. We only work with legitimate companies that are properly organized and formed.

We only open accounts for companies that have their own domain name and their own contact info at that domain name. We do not open accounts for throaway mailboxes or public ISP/services (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, earthlink, etc) A company most possess and use their own domain name in order to open an account.


There is no sign-up fee required to open an account.


Please download our easy fill-in-the-blanks service agreement here.


For email marketing accounts, please give this document to your IT person so they can take action.


We charge on a per-message or flat-rate basis (depending on the account type you choose.) as described in our service agreement. There are no other monthly fees aside from the service fees. If you choose to use our full-service team there will be a separate fee based on the services you need during the month. The prices will be clearly stated prior to any work or tasks.

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Your Representations, Warranties, and Authorization

First and most important item: Anyone who desires to send spam through our service or likes to run fast-and-loose with mailings (like to hide identities, fake postal addresses, etc.) please understand that we will go out of our way to help federal prosecutors put those people in prison. We've done it before and we will do it for criminal enterprise spammers of all kinds. We know of two individuals who are currently "sitting down" enjoying their cell for a lengthy amount of time due to their actions. Spammers beware.

I have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions in the Annual Service Agreement. I further certify that I am duly authorized to sign for and open an account for the above company. I further certify that I will not use this account for any unauthorized purposes as stated in the Annual Service Agreement. I agree to bind my company to all terms and conditions of the Service Agreement and I understand that violation of the terms will result in account cancellation with no refund. I agree this account will not be used for spamming of any kind and I understand fully that violation of the CAN-SPAM law is a federal crime. I warrant that this account will be used for the above company and shall not be shared, leased, rented, or given to any other person for use outside of the activities of the Company.

I hereby authorize you to open an account on my behalf. The information I have provided is truthful and none of the above information would be considered perjury in a court of law. I hereby authorize you to proceed with the opening of this account. My signature will fully bind the above Company, and me, to your terms and conditions.

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