The Best Pricing, Period

Our major U.S. retail clients and well-known Wall Street clients find our all-inclusive price plans to be a perfect fit to their needs. The fact that labor, dedicated servers, DNS management, ISP assistance, 24/7 delivery monitoring, etc. are all covered in the pricing is a true value. You can shop around, but after you do the math and compare our 20+ years of experience along with the services offered with the all-inclusive prices, you'll be our next client. You may have monthly mail volume of just 1,500 messages or over 340,000,000 - it's ok - we will handle it, easily. Yes, we can work with your email account! Some clients have just one store and others have franchises in almost every State so size does not matter to us - you matter to us. Shop around and we look forward to seeing you as our next client.

Per-Message Rates

Our email delivery pricing ranges from $0.0012 to $0.0020 depending on volume. We charge you only on the total email and SMS/text messages you send per month, nothing more. Just add up the total number of messages you send per month and give us a call for your exact rate quote. We will give you an amazingly low price with delivery and response rates that are awe-inspiring. Plus, our rates are all-inclusive so you never get hit with a gotcha when you receive the monthly invoice (can you believe some competitors actually charge for support?) SMS/Text messaging is priced at $0.03 per message worldwide. Please contact our sales team for an exact quote. You will be surprised at how little email marketing and SMS/Text messaging can cost when it's on an all-inclusive basis.

Monthly Minimum Charge

The monthly minimum for having an account on our service is $69.00. Even if you are one of the largest retailers in the USA your base monthly minimum is $69.00. Why so low? We are an all-inclusive service so we make our money on the volume of mail you send per month, not the monthly minimum fee. You can have 100+ sub-accounts if you need and the monthly minimum is still just $69.00 regardless of how many accounts you have. We don't need to charge crazy high monthly minimum fees because we are a professional business that was built on efficiency. Compare our base monthly fee to other professional email marketing vendors. Some charge you $1,500 up to $4,000 per month as a minimum and their per-message rate is almost twice ours. It's all about running an efficient business model and providing a powerful and affordable service to our clients. That's what makes Global IntelliSystems so successful.

Billing and Discounts

We bill on the 1st of each month and offer Net-5, Net-15, and Prepay discounts.

Forms of Payment Accepted:

When you sign up for our AutoPay feature you can save an extra 5%. We also give referral bonuses.

Please call (970) 315-3637 x11 or email our sales team to get your guaranteed rate and let's do some business together!