There is a $179 one-time fee required to open an account. There are over a dozen processes that take place with a new account which includes complete training, set-up of dedicated servers, whitelisting, etc. Once payment is received we will immediately begin those processes and your account will be opened.
Please note that we use Authorize.Net as our credit card payment processor due to their excellent reputation in the industry as a high-security, high-quality, and very professional business. Your credit card information is not stored at our service, we delete everything the moment payment has been approved. We care about security so please contact us at if you have any questions.

Invoice Number Reference: NEW_ACCT_FEE

When ready to proceed, authorize this this charge by checking the box and then press the Next>> button below.

Non-Refundable Fee Notice

The fee of $179 is non-refundable and pays for the various labor services involved in setting up my new account. The closure of an account for any reason will not cause this fee to be refunded.