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When you are a client of Global IntelliSystems you get more than the most powerful email marketing, data collection, and data management services in the industry. You get extras, lots of extras. One of those extras is access to our email and postal mailing list search service. This service helps you find the exact leads you need to increase revenues. We have access to over 20 highly reputable postal and confirmed opt-in email list vendors. The email list vendors have 100% ownership of their lists because they are publishers who manage their subscriber lists in-house. They do not share their lists with any 3rd party and do not use outside vendors to distribute their mail. They maintain 100% chain-of-custody with their lists.


There is no such thing as a legitimate email address list you can purchase outright. They do not exist. If you purchase a list, it will get you blacklisted or blocked. No exceptions. Every single day we hear from people who want to buy lists or are searching for lists of "qualified people" via email. THEY DO NOT EXIST! Mailing to a purchased email address list will often cause (a) legal trouble for you [State/Federal] because you can not prove the subscribed opted-in to receive YOUR information, (b) your domain will be blocked, sometimes for life [forcing you to have to change the entire domain name that you use for your company], (c) international legal issues depending on the anti-spam laws in the country where the email address landed. Some countries have severe fines ($1,000,000+ per address) which means you will be forever tangled in legal issues. Please do not purchase an email address list. If you want to "do it right" then contact the publisher or custodial owner of the list and mail through them so they retain custody of the email list.

The Dangers of Bad Lists

There are many postal list vendors in the market and about 85% of them are absolutely terrible and have old washed-out lists with high non-delivery/return rates. Getting stuck with one of those lists means wasted time, wasted money, and in some cases a bad reputation. Many list vendors buy and sell lists every day and that means they lose the chain-of-custody information for each record. The chain-of-custody records indicates the original/master owner of the data. Once it is lost, there is no valid evidence of where that information came from. When that happens you are playing with fire because nobody knows where that list came from, who unsubscribed, and who moved away. The vendors we work with do not "trade" lists because they know the chain-of-custody is what professional marketers are seeking. For email lists, you would mail directly through the list vendor because that lets them keep control over the list and that means a very high quality mailing with much better results.
There is rarely a mailing that does not have bounces, postal or email. People and businesses move every day and there is no way to keep up-to-the-second records of those moves. Always expect a small percentage of returns with your mailings. That is completely normal. We help you avoid those postal mailing problems where you get a return that says "moved 5 years ago" which indicates a poorly maintained list.

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There may be times we can not find what you are looking for even with the 35+ list vendors we use. That is because HIGH QUALITY lists are not as easy to find as the traditional "we have 200 million addresses" type of list vendors may offer. Quality is the important feature we look for with list vendors.

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