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  • We Watch Your Back 24/7
  • Delivery Assistance to Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and all corporate gateways
  • No Fear of Switching Vendors - We Fix THEIR Problems Too!
  • Find Lost Customers Due to Blocks or Blacklists
  • 15 Minute Turnaround Time from Issue Detection
  • The Secret Weapon for Deliverability
The Dirty Secret in Email Marketing is Exposed!
Deliverability is the #1 Cause of Poor Response Rates - We Will Fix That!


Your Business Is Open, Where Are The Customers?

The most common question we hear from callers is "why are so few people responding to my emails?" When we ask them what vendor they are using we instantly know why they are having problems.....deliverability! You see, most email marketing vendors these days have very significant delivery problems because they sign so many companies up to their service without examining each company. That means spammers sneak onto their service, send just one mailing, and the email marketing vendor takes a serious hit to their reputation. If you are using the same vendor - that means YOUR mailings may start delivering to the spam folder or won't get delivered at all.

The Fix is Easy - And Switching is NOT Required.

Let's face it, if you have become familiar with your current vendor chances are you don't want to switch (yet.) You just want the delivery problems to go away. That's where our DAS will be a life saver! We will monitor your mailings, regardless of the vendor you are using, and we will alert you when we see problems arise (and they always do.) You or your vendor can then take action and fix their problem so your mail continues to deliver with maximum impact. The DAS is like having your own watchdog guarding your mailings, 24/7, and the watchdog never takes a break! Most email marketing vendors care about their customers (some don't, sadly) so when they are tipped off to a delivery problem they usually fix the issue quickly. If your vendor refuses to fix the problem or denies the problem exists (we will give you hard evidence of the problem) then you can start looking at Global IntelliSystems as your next vendor. Using the DAS does NOT require switching vendors! Let us show you the problems, and we will fix those problems (if your vendor lets us), so your mailings start reaching the intended audience - your customers!

We do The Footwork - Not You.

Our competitors will tell you about a problem and then you have to fix it. That's no fun and who has the extra time to spend on the phone talking with the ISP or opening help tickets with a blacklist service? You have better things to do and our automated systems will swiftly get problems solved where it often takes hours to fix them by hand. Forget having to do the fixes yourself, just sit back and let us watch your back and protect you 24/7. Note: there may be times we need to speak with you to resolve an issue but those are only cases where the ISP needs something from you in order to resolve the problem. We handel all of the go-between with the ISP or any service that impacts your deliveries. Many of our clients find this by itself is worth its weight in gold.

Amazing Results Almost Overnight.

Many DAS users are stunned how fast we spot problems and get them fixed. That's because our 30+ years of email technology experience gives us access to the right people who can help get the problem fixed. Many email marketing vendors have very little experience in fixing delivery problems because that's not their specialty. They may have been selling shoes before starting their email marketing business or maybe even were scuba diving instructors (yes, really.) That lack of hands-on experience will catch up to them because the ISP's and corporate gateway administrators often turn their backs on people who are not "in the business." With Global our staff lives, eats, and breathes email technologies and that means when we spot a problem we get it fixed fast, and that means better deliveries for you.

How to Join...It's easy!

You have made the smart decision to get your delivery problems fixed. Congratulations! Now let's start the journey. Just visit this link and fill out the simple application. We will get your account established in less than 24 hours and we will begin analyzing your mailings. The process of joining is easy and the pricing is great. For just $295/month we will monitor up to five of your "From:" addresses (senders) sent from the same vendor and only $199/month for each additional From: address (sender) sent from the same vendor. Once you start seeing the delivery problems go away and start noticing your response rates climb - you'll see why Global IntelliSystems is the vendor of choice for everything relating to email marketing.

Note: This service is not available for email marketing vendors directly, only their customers may use this service.

Open An Account Today And Start The Journey To Experiencing The Highest Response Rates Possible.