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Stop Missing Sales! Does your vendor truly care about the success of your campaigns or is the money you pay them more important?. It can be only one. We found 87% of email marketers are badly blacklisted and their message headers are simply broken. This is why most email marketers have weak response rates. Global IntelliSystems is a different type of vendor. We focus on "network clarity" which always translates to higher response rates. When you are ready to really send your messages and get the results you want, call us and start the journey.
Dedicated Email ServersDedicated Servers

If you are not on dedicated delivery servers right now - your response rate is suffering. Plus, sharing servers is a disaster waiting to happen if someone gets blacklisted. Every client of ours is given between 2 and 25 dedicated servers free of charge to help keep response rates and server+domain reputation sky high.

Highest Response RatesThe Highest Response Rates

Think your campaigns are doing well? That's what many of our clients thought before they switched to and signed-up with Global. Once they switched they noticed a 15% or higher boost in their response rate. Why? Because sending your email is only 20% of what we do. The other 80% is the secret sauce that makes your response rates soar.

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A telephone call is all it takes to reach our marketing pros, list managers, HTML designers, you name it. Everything and everyone you need for email marketing, data validation, and custom services is right here and ready to help!

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